Jack White Challenge:

Day 01: What started your love for Jack and why?

Yeah okay, I really don’t remember much about how I started to like him in the obnoxious way I like him today, I just remember  being 10, there was this TV Channel that used to put music videos 24/7, like all kinds of music videos, and there was that time where they used to put Blue Orchid everyday, and I remember watching it so many times, but being intrigued about the music video because I didn’t understand what was going on, since the music channel didn’t put the usual labels to the music videos (artist/album etc.) i just kept asking myself whY IS THERE A HORSE? WHY IS SHE BREAKING PLATES? WHO IS THAT WEIRD DRACULA GUY WITH A CAPE????? and I just remember my brother told me “hey thats the white stripes” and I tried so hard to not forget the name of that weird ass band i saw on tv, and for the next 2 years (where I learnt what the internet and music downloads were) I didn’t forget their name, and I remember when people asked me what my favorite band was I’d always say “The White Stripes” even if I just knew a damn song but yeah I discovered torrents and downloaded their entire discography and it was love at first sight, maybe. There was something about the guy with the ugly mustache and the mop hair that caught my attention, I just thought he was fascinating. It was a couple of tequilas in the local bar and i just couldn’t fight his charms he was too good.

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    I was listening to the radio when I was like 10 and Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground came on and I just sat there. And...
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